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1. Right click on #welcome channel
2. Select "Invite" from the dropdown
3. At the bottom "edit invite link"
4. Set expire to "never"
5. Generate New Link

Please make sure you have setup your roles correctly via #self-service. Other channels are earned by tier perks, membership status, and/or role in our community.

You can submit suggestions in our #suggestions channel under XG HQ area.

Once your suggestion receives the minimum upvotes needed to be added to our work queue, our Community Council will then discuss and vote on whether your suggestion is implemented into our community.

To report a user please submit a form HERE.

See this guide from Discord: Markdown Text 101 - https://goo.gl/4Y9Vng

Go to the #support channel under XG HQ.

Our community is public and anyone who wishes to be a part of Xternal Gaming can join. Click on the "Community" tab to join our Discord server. Please read our Info & Guidelines channels to familiarize yourself with our server and how it operates.

If you are interested in becoming involved on a more professional level such as esports, content creator, or working with us, please see our "Careers" tab for available and future opportunities.

We do not have an requirement to join. However, it is of upmost importance to preserve a mature and respectful community at all times.

On September 26, 2008, AirBourne (Diego Bedoya) founded Xternal Gaming as community for fun and friends. By 2014, AirBourne walked away from the gaming space to study and become an entrepreneur.

At the age of 23, almost a decade later, AirBourne returned to the gaming space determined and driven to pursue his dream in esports. With his relentless passion for competitive gaming and his attained experience in entrepreneurship, AirBourne launched the modern Xternal Gaming as a professional esports and entertainment organization on November 11, 2017.

Xternal Gaming is commonly referred as "XG" and in-game tags are showcased with a capital "X" and "G" (XG).

There’s many ways you can support us today! We highly appreciate in advance for each of you that choose to support us financially. You are the reason our vision will one day become a reality!

Patreon - We currently have a month subscription available for early supporters. We plan to add premium tiers and memberships for those that wish to support Xternal Gaming at a higher level. Click here to become an early supporter!

Discord Nitro Boost - This would be a great way to support our Discord community so that we can continue to unlock more perks and features for our server. To boost our server please refer to this guide.

Twitch Subscriber - Subscribe on our official partner stream team and proudly use our XG emotes throughout the entire Twitch and Discord platform. Click here to subscribe.

Online Store - Currently our online store is only selling our 2019 Inaugural Pro Jerseys. You can purchase blank jerseys and/or gamer jerseys. Custom jerseys are exclusive for our Stream Team (not community), Esports, Staff, and in the future Community Partners. Shop Xternal Gaming today!

Donations - Donations are never required. However, we are very grateful and thankful for your donations if you choose to donate and help support the vision of Xternal Gaming and our future. To make a donation, click here.