XTERNAL GAMING is the leading esports organization inspiring positivity and unity in the gaming community.

Xternal Gaming was founded in 2017 with a vision to inspire a positive shift in the gaming industry. We did not start just to become another competitive team, instead, we chose to build our brand around a meaningful purpose. Our mission is to create the most value-driven professional gaming and entertainment organization in the world. We believe that if you’re pursuing a dream in life, you must surround yourself with like-minded people who motivate you to keep growing, learning, and evolving. At Xternal Gaming, we are creating a culture to guide and mentor the next generation of gamers and content creators. This is Xternal Gaming, welcome to the future of esports!



Xternal Gaming's "X" symbolizes FOUR points that shape up its' culture in esports, and it's what makes us unique as a leading organization aspiring for a better esports tomorrow


In Esports some say winning championships is the most important accomplishment for an esports organization.

While that may be true, at Xternal Gaming we believe that people are the most important part.


Without gamers, content creators, and staff teams that sacrifice and devote their lives to work hard and master their crafts, there would be no organization. Esports wouldn't be a billion-dollar industry, as it is today.


Xternal Gaming was founded with a very important purpose and it is paramount that we hold ourselves to those standards.

Winning championships will always be the ultimate goal and motivation for us as it is for any other competitive team.


At Xternal Gaming it is equally as important that we provide the necessary mentorship, guidance, and resources to help our people develop both personal and professional skills needed to create a successful future.