Welcome to our Clash of Clans exclusive area for our clan members. Please take a moment to read and review the guidelines below to better help you understand how our clan functions.


- Captain: Malena
- War Coaches: TBD

- War days: Mondays and Wednesdays
- Start times: 11:59 pm EST


- All members in our clan must join our Discord server.

- Rushed town hall bases are not allowed.

- Member purge will occur periodically to remove inactive members.

- Participate in clan games challenges for maximum rewards and prizes.

- All members must opt out of war until notified by a War Coach to opt in.

- Respect the requested troops when donating cc troops.

- Requirements to join: Level 80+, 1400+ trophies, 100+ war stars

- We will use main war lineups for clan war leagues.


- Captain: In charge of our running our clan in-game, starting wars, events, managing members, etc.
- Elder: Earned thru donations and clan loyalty.
- War Coach: Appointed to experienced members in war.

- Verify players requesting to join meet clan requirements before accepting.
- Elders are not allowed to kick members unless protecting our clan from toxic or disrespectful behavior.
- Elders are not synonymous to War Coaches and vice versa.

- Co-Leaders do not start wars. That is the Captain's responsibility. Only start a war if the Captain asks you to do so. They will supply you with the line up.
- Co-Leaders do not promote members to Elder. That is up to the Captain.
- Co-Leaders should help enforce the requirements to join the clan
- Co-Leader is given to Staff as title recognition.



- We go to war twice a week, occasionally we'll do a third war.

- New members must spectate at least one main war and participate in a training war before qualifying to opt in for wars.

- Members with highest level troops should fill cc's during preparation day.

- If you need help with an attack, contact a War Coach via Discord during war for communication as needed.


- Failure to attend wars will result in suspension from two future wars.

- Failure to use second attack will result in suspension from the next war.

- Failure to attend multiple wars will result in suspension from wars indefinitely.

- Failure to accumulate at least two stars from both attacks in a main war will require you to opt out and take time to practice attacks.


- #10-#15: Use first & second attack on your mirror as soon as war starts.

- #6-#9: Use first attack on your mirror and wait on #10-#15 to finish both attacks before cleaning up as needed.

- #1-#5: Hold off attacking until our #6-#15 have all used both of their attacks. Attack your mirrors only after #6-#15 have been cleaned with 3 stars.

- If you can not attend a war make sure to opt out.

- If you can not attack during a war notify a War Coach or Captain.

- In some cases War Coaches might modify your attack opposition.

- Triple check your troops, heroes, cc and spells are ready before attack.


- Be cautious of stray buildings to avoid running out of time.

- Lure enemy cc troops out if your attack requires it.

- Scout and plan prior to your attack multiple times

- Reach out to a War Coach via Discord as needed.

- Attack with another member in a Game Lounge for assistance.