Rules & Regulations


  1. Behavior
    We have no tolerance against drama, disrespectful behavior, excessive trolling, or any other act(s) that might reflect poorly against our community. Treat others with the respect you would like to be treated yourself.

  2. Racism and Harassment
    We do not tolerate any racial discrimination and (or) sexual harassment, including, but not limited to, community posts, Discord, links, personal attacks and (or) behavior, etc.

  3. Profanity We recognize that, as young adults, profanity is used in our daily lives, including in games and on Discord, but in the interests of presenting a professional image to potential partners and sponsors, communication with the public should be kept SFW, professional, and respectful always.

  4. Conflicts
    Like any other organization that houses large diversities of people, we understand that conflicts may arise unexpectedly. Knowing that, we expect our members to prevent issues that might reflect a poor image on XG. In the event of a conflict, please handle it privately or reach out to a Staff member to assist you further. Conflicts or issues of any kind should never be addressed in a public setting.

  5. “Toxic”
    The word "toxic" in gaming is defined as, aggressive, abusive, screaming, and/or discriminating language use on private or public voice chats. As a member of XG, we expect you to represent our community with the upmost respect. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Toxic behavior demonstrates immaturity and will not be tolerated in our community.


  6. Brand Artwork Guidelines
    It's key we maintain a congruent and consistent online identity. Please do not alter our logo in any shape, form, size, color, etc. If you're interested in community/fan submissions using our official marks, please download our EPK accessible for Tier 2 and above users. Note: Xternal Gaming™ and the XG logo(s) are registered trademarks lawfully owned by Xternal Gaming, Inc. © 2018 All Rights Reserved.

  7. “Cheating”
    Cheating (also referred as hacking) is defined as using third-party applications that give you a competitive advantage over your opponent in a multi-player setting. Cheating is not identified as game integrated cheats such as enabling "sv_cheats" in CS:GO or using single player cheat commands in games like GTA 5, etc. We do not conduct background checks for prior cheating, hacking, or bans on record. If any community member is found guilty of cheating AFTER joining Xternal Gaming, they will be permanently banned immediately. In addition, any user found with ban(s) on record in our community groups will result in removal from the group only.

  8. Scammers/Scamming
    We take scamming and scammers very serious. If someone is caught attempting to scam or scamming another user/member in our server, they will be immediately permanently banned.

  9. Substance Abuse
    Xternal Gaming is a drug-free zone. We do not condone substance abuse or use of illegal drugs. Legality of certain drugs varies by region, but discussion of the use of drugs has no place in Xternal Gaming, legal or illegal.

  10. Selling & Trading
    We like to give our members the opportunity to sell/trade their unused equipment, hardware, in-game items, etc; however, we must keep in mind that safety and security is our priority. In order to ensure a safer environment - please see #⭐-tier-perks to see who is allowed to sell/trade within our community.


  11. Channel Usage
    Use proper channels when conversing in our server. Going off-topic briefly in a non-relevant channel is accepted, however long conversations must be kept in proper channels.

  12. Mic Spam
    Be mindful of your input settings so that you don't unintentionally mic spam with keys, bg noise, etc. Use PTT if needed.

  13. NSFW
    NSFW content is not allowed, such as (but not limited to): pornography, racism, or inappropriate links. In addition, do not use obscene avatars, usernames, and/or text.

  14. Self Promotion
    Self promotion of any kind is allowed ONLY in the
    XG PROMO channels. See #⭐-tier-perks to see what tiers are allowed to promote, and see #💥-channel-guide to see where eligible members can self promote.

  15. Channel Sharing
    As mentioned on rule 11, please make sure you are using designated channels when sharing media posts. For example, gaming rigs content goes in
    #battlestations, pet photos/talk goes in #pets etc. If you can't find a relevant designated channel, then you can use #media for media posts or #general for non-media posts.

  16. XP Boosting
    Do not spam our text channels to boost your server XP. The best way to level up is by engaging with our community. Hangout with other Members, Streamers, etc. and build relationships. After all, the key to success in gaming is all about networking. Channels in the "Tools" category do not count towards XP. If caught boosting, we may reset your XP to 0.


  17. Twitch / Mixer
    Please be respectful to all streamers, communities, and other people on Twitch. Do not advertise or promote yourself, others, or anything on other streamers' channels. Please view our Twitch Community Disclosure statement here:

  18. Representation
    Tier 2 and above streamers are eligible to use our official artwork on their streams. See #redeem-perks to access our official artwork files. Do not use words such as "Official", "Partnered", "Sponsored", "Affiliated", etc. when referring to your relationship with Xternal Gaming. You are considered a member of the community unless told otherwise.

  19. Studio Channels
    Tier 2 and above members are eligible to access the studio channels by enabling the Studio Pass from #redeem-perks. We encourage streamers to use the studio channels in our server when streaming, therefore, it is paramount we respect every streamer by following these studio rules:
    • a) Do not join a Studio channel without permission unless it's empty. Use the Waiting Room channel and wait to be dragged or permitted to join.
    • b) Profanity: Every streamer is different - Kindly ask what's their take on "profanity" and respect it.
    • c) Watch your mic volume. If your mic is very sensitive, please switch to push-to-talk. Quality is everything for streamers. In studio channels there shouldn't be any mic spam, excessive screaming/yelling, BG noise.
    • d) Don't promote anything - always allow the streamer to have full control on promotions and shout outs.
    • e) Always ask streamers if there is anything you should know about prior to playing with them about their stream.




Offense #1 - 1st Warning
Offense #2 - 2nd Warning
Offense #3a - 7-day ban
Offense #3b - 30-day ban
Offense #3c - Permanent ban

We have
zero tolerance for cheating and scamming of any kind. These offenses receive a non-negotiable immediate permanent ban.

- Warnings clear from your record after 90 days.

Questions? Contact us on #support or email us at